Current and Future Impacts of Extreme Events in California



Stanford University




This study synthesized existing research to characterize current understanding of the direct impacts of extreme events across sectors, as well as the interactions between sectors as they are affected by extreme events. It_x000B_also produced new projections of changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme events in_x000B_the future across climate models, emissions scenarios, and downscaling methods for producing_x000B_regional climate information, for each California county. This research evaluated historical and_x000B_projected changes for a suite of temperature and precipitation-based climate indicators and_x000B_conducted a return level analysis to investigate projected changes in extreme temperatures. A_x000B_final analysis discusses the future likelihood of events similar in magnitude to specific historical_x000B_events, such as the July 2006 heat wave._x000B_This is a state-funded research study sponsored by the California Energy Commission and CAT.

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Phase 2: Assess Vulnerability

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Extent: California


Last updated: July 5, 2022