Climate Adaptation in Corte Madera Marsh



San Francisco Estuary Partnership




This website highlights the research work done at the Corte Madera Marsh in Marin. The goal of the work is to better understand flood control and wave attenuation benefits of tidal wetlands, the vulnerability of tidal wetlands to sea level rise, and ways to improve the resiliency of this critical habitat so that flood control and wave attenuation benefits of are maintained into the future. Data was collected in 2009 and 2010. This research resulted in more detailed understanding of wetland restoration strategies that will increase resilience to, and mitigation of, climate change impacts on water quality; design recommendations for shoreline adaptation strategies that reduce shoreline flooding while conserving or restoring wetlands; and distribution of climate preparedness packages to local governments. The website provides access to full detailed reports or the research and results.

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Flooding Sea level rise

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Phase 4: Implement, Monitor, Evaluate, and Adjust

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Extent: Marin County


Last updated: July 5, 2022