Climate Extremes in California Agriculture



Stanford University, Carnegie Institution




Changes in extreme events may represent an important component of climate change impacts on_x000B_agricultural systems in California. This study considered the relative historical importance of_x000B_extreme events, as measured by insurance and disaster payments. The causes for each main_x000B_event for 1993-2007 were classified into general categories to compare the importance of dry_x000B_vs. wet and hot vs. cold events. The study found that the most common cause of both insurance_x000B_indemnity and disaster payments is excess moisture, followed by cold spells and heat waves._x000B_Climate change is likely to have different effects on the occurrence of each of these, for instance_x000B_with frosts becoming less common but heat waves increasing in frequency and duration. The_x000B_specific nature of these changes and the overall net effect of changes in climate extremes remain_x000B_a topic for future investigation._x000B_This is a state-funded research study sponsored by the California Energy Commission, CAT, and CDFA.

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Extent: California


Last updated: March 24, 2023