Final Report: A Process-Based Approach to Bottom-Up Climate Risk Assessments: Developing a Statewide, Weather-Regime based Stochastic Weather Generator for California



Cornell University




This report documents the development of a weather generator model for California that can support water resources planning under future climate uncertainty. The weather generator is an efficient tool that can quickly create long (1000-year) traces of statewide weather, and allows water managers to flexibly develop and explore climate scenarios associated with different signals of climate change. This report demonstrates that the weather generator can reproduce the climate across California, including extreme precipitation events and droughts across spatial and temporal scales. In addition to the model itself, deliverables from this work include publicly available datasets of unique climate change scenarios at a ~6 km resolution across the entire state of California. The scenarios represent a range of plausible climate changes to temperature, average precipitation, and precipitation extremes.

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Phase 2: Assess Vulnerability

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Extent: California


Last updated: April 18, 2024