SF Bay Living Shorelines Project



State Coastal Conservancy, NOAA Office for Coastal Management, and San Francisco Bay and Outer Coast Sentinel Site Cooperative




This website details the current work to bring living shorelines to the San Francisco Bay. Living shorelines projects use a suite of bank stabilization and habitat restoration techniques to reinforce the shoreline, minimize coastal erosion, and maintain coastal processes while protecting, restoring, enhancing, and creating natural habitat for fish and aquatic plants and wildlife. The California State Coastal Conservancy and other partners in the San Francisco Bay are now testing this approach, which has been implemented primarily on the East and Gulf Coasts. The project was implemented in two locations, is designed to gather data and aims to develop recommendations for future sites and ways to scale up to larger projects. This website provides access to descriptions and reports related to the construction and science behind these projects.

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Extent: Hayward


Last updated: June 15, 2021