SB1 Case Study: Transportation Project-Level Climate Adaptation Strategies for the Sacramento Region



Sacramento Area Council of Governments




This project will identify areas of the Sacramento region and transportation infrastructure that are vulnerable to climate impacts, as well as transportation infrastructure and assets that are critical to the function of the transportation network. The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) has explored broadly the climate impacts that will affect the region. This project will provide much greater detail and understanding of how those impacts will affect the region’s transportation system and how to mitigate these risks. The first component of the project is a vulnerability and criticality assessment of transportation assets, which will inform guidelines for prioritizing funding decisions. A second component is an assessment of the benefits and costs of asset-level climate adaptation strategies for various transportation projects and project types.

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Extreme heat Extreme storms Flooding Wildfire

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ICARP Case Study


Extent: El Dorado County, Placer County, Sacramento County, Sutter County, Yolo County, Yuba County


Last updated: Jan. 26, 2021