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Cal-Adapt is a web platform that has offered free public access to peer-reviewed data for exploring California’s climate change impacts on state infrastructure, communities, and natural resources since it was first launched in 2011. Cal-Adapt allows anyone to explore local climate change impacts on the Local Snapshot Tool, download climate projection data, and explore other data visualization tools. Over the course of a multi-year effort led by the State of California, Cal-Adapt is evolving substantially to integrate the best available climate science and data provided by California’s Fifth Climate Change Assessment. As of 2023, Cal-Adapt includes a more comprehensive and powerful solution for highly technical and data-intensive needs, with a focus on the energy sector, called the Cal-Adapt Analytics Engine. Future offerings of the expanded Cal Adapt enterprise will include a revamped suite of web tools, analytical tools and computational resources for working with the next generation climate data, and a new historical observation data stream. The expanded Cal-Adapt enterprise will continue to provide essential visualization, analytical and computational resources for a broad range of people in using large climate datasets to inform their decision-making and planning processes.

Climate Impact Tags

Drought Extreme heat Extreme storms Flooding Sea level rise Snowpack Temperature Wildfire

Adaptation Planning Guide Phases

Phase 1: Define, Explore, and Initiate Phase 2: Assess Vulnerability

Resource Type Tags

Data and tools


Extent: California


Last updated: July 14, 2024