Making California’s Coast Resilient to Sea Level Rise: Principles for Aligned State Action



CA Natural Resources Agency and CA Environmental Protection Agency




In early 2020 CNRA Secretary Crowfoot and CalEPA Secretary Blumenfeld convened two high-level meetings of 17 state agencies to co-develop a set of Sea Level Rise Principles. The final set of SLR Principles represent a commitment to aligning state planning, policy setting, project development, collaboration, and decision-making around sea level rise (SLR). They are intended to unify state agencies in effective, coordinated action toward climate resilience grounded in science, partnership, communication, and local support. The SLR Principles will guide state agencies’ sea level rise initiatives with a common, clear, and foundational vision. They describe unified, effective SLR resilience action in six thematic areas: best available science, partnerships, communications, local support, alignment, and coastal resilience projects. The Principles will anchor collaboration across state agencies to effectively build California’s resilience to sea level rise.

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Last updated: Feb. 25, 2021